Silver Mirror Venetian Antique Style – 0SG03


Available To Order-Please Contact Before Order

73x138cm Decorative Mirror frame with Venetian crown.



Silver Mirror Venetian Antique Style

Classic venetian style frame, this mirror is available on order. Decorate your personal space with venetian architecture mirror. Please contact us before placing order for this mirror as it might take some extra time to ship this item.

Venetian designs originally from Italy are renowned for signature floral looks. Hand made elegant designs will not only brighten up the space with its reflective character but will add to the luxury that only cut glass design can provide. This is the very reason why this old 16th century technique of glass making is still popular. Whether you want to create a style statement or want to give a romantic touch this is the mirror for you. This is luxury at a fraction of a cost.

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Available size.


Silver Mirror Venetian Antique Style



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