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Stylish Framed Mirrors

Decorative Mirrors is dedicated to providing Australian homes and commercial spaces with the most sophisticated range of mirrors available on the market. We make sure that we source a collection of mirrors that can suitably fit into a variety of spaces and design aesthetics. We have a range of framed mirrors available for purchase at our online store. The framed mirror is one of the most versatile available, suitable for almost any home, office or commercial space.

Feel free to browse our collection online and get in contact with the team at Decorative if you have any further enquiries about the collection available at our store. We can delivery throughout Australia, so if you are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or beyond, all you have to do is order from our range and we will send your piece directly to your doorstep.

The timeless mirror

The thing that creates so much appeal for the framed mirror is its simplicity. The accessibility of this style of mirror makes it perfectly suitable for almost any home, office or commercial design aesthetic. We provide a range that varies from small to large and with different designs. Our smaller collection is perfect for foyers, bathrooms and bedrooms, where a piece from our large collection creates the perfect accompaniment to a dining room setting.

What sets Decorative apart?

The reason is simple – it’s our dedication to sourcing only the highest quality mirrors available for the Australian market. When you purchase a mirror from our store you will see that they are designed and manufactured to be durable and be kept in the space for a long period of time. Mirrors are not something you go out and purchase every couple of months or so, and therefore you want them to be of the highest quality available.

If you have any enquiries about the pieces available for purchase at Decorative, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff by calling 02 8664 1981.

If framed mirrors are not what you are looking for, check out our extended range which includes custom-made and round designs.