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Custom Made Mirrors Online

Looking for a design that is perfectly suiting to your space’s aesthetic requirements? Well, guess what, you’ve come to the right place. Decorative Mirrors designs and produces custom made mirrors, available for pre-purchase through our online store. All you have to do is specify your design and size requirements and our team of expert mirror builders go to work on creating a design that will enhance your space and provide it with a new vibrancy. Perfect for homes and commercial spaces, our range of custom mirrors come in a range of materials and styles including custom cut ornate (differing from our other range of ornate mirrors), metallic and timber.

We can provide delivery throughout Australia. Simply place your order on one of our Decorative Mirrors’ custom-made pieces and we can send the mirror straight to your doorstep.

Our range

Our expert mirror builders are able to design and create custom mirrors across a range of styles and materials.

Our range includes:

  • Custom Cut Mirror Ornate Style: For a mirror that displays ultimate style, sophistication and opulence, look no further than the ornate style available at Decorative Mirrors. With intricate patterned cuts and a range of colours available, our range of decorative mirrors give any home a look of old-fashioned class.
  • Metallic: A metallic mirror gives a space a look of Mediterranean tranquillity. With a stunning vibrancy and shine, the range of metallic mirrors available at Decorative Mirrors can be cut to the exact sizing you require.
  • Black: With a look of contemporary class and sophistication, a black-edged mirror gives a space that extra touch of modern chic.
  • Gold: We provide a collection of custom golden-edged mirrors that are available across a range of shades and tones. A timeless style, golden-edged mirrors give a home a look of glamour and vibrancy.
  • Timbers: Timber-framed mirrors are highly-versatile and can enhance the look of any space whether it be rustic, beachy or contemporary.
  • Whites: Have your mirror seamlessly slip into your space’s aesthetic with a stylish white-edged design, available for customisation and quick delivery.